Andre Iguodala
TWDBBaller1Andre prior to the apocalypse.
Neutral Character
True Neutral
Main Info
Nicknames None
Gender Male
Age 33
Family Unknown
Height 6'6" (198 cm)
Weight 215 lbs. (97 kg)
Race African-American
Build Huge
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Status Deceased
First Apperance Season 3
Last Apperance Season 3
Andre Iguodala Gallery
Andre Iguodala is a minor character and a survivor of the outbreak in The Walking Dead HGRP Edition. He joins Kevin's Group, a group of survivors during the apocalypse.


Andre was an NBA player before the apocalypse, playing for the Golden State Warriors.  He was playing a game against the Orlando Magic when the outbreak began, where he joined an alliance with his opponents to survive.


As the outbreak begins, Andre joins a group of survivors, combining surviving players of his team, the Warriors, and the opposing team, the Magic, to form a survivor group. Despite being opponents in the game of basketball, the two put aside their differences to work together to survive the apocalypse.

After escaping from the coliseum, Kevin and crew hid in a dollar general, planning on staying there until the apocalypse ended. They were completely unaware of the firebombing that would hit that night, as napalm crashed into the store they were hiding in.

Andre was the first to die, being killed by falling debris, crushing him to death.


Killed ByEdit

  • US Military

Aaron was killed by the military when they firebombed Orlando, where he was crushed by debris from the explosion.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Possibly numerous counts of walkers and unnamed people.


It is unknown how Andre acted.


Andre was a man in his early thirties, with thick black hair and dull brown eyes. He was very tall in height at 6'6" and heavier in weight, at 225 pounds.


Besides playing basketball, it was unknown what Andre could do.

Weapons and ItemsEdit

It isn't known what items Andre acquired.


Andre never formed any notable relationships, though he probably shared some strong ones with his teammates.


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