Miami Cultists
UnknowngroupThe Miami Cultists watching Katrina and Nikki drown.
Main Info
Type Survivors/Extortionists
Status Active
Leader(s) Elias De Leone
Notable Members Unknown
Location Miami, Florida
Appearances Season 2 - Present
The Miami Cultists were a group of survivors who lived in Miami prior to the outbreak. They were formed by Yuri, a man who was killed and claimed by residents of the Miami survivors to have ascended, forming as a godlike figure.


It isn't clearly known what anyone from the group did before the apocalypse.


Season 2Edit

The group debuts in Season 2, where they ram a jeep containing Katrina FirestoneNikki, and Craig off the road into a pond. They can be seen watching the Nikki and Katrina from the surface as the two girls began drowning. When the girls manage to reach the surface, the group is gone, with only tire tracks being evidence of them.

Season 3Edit

It is possible the group that Neptune and Felicity killed in a gas station were members of this group. They could be responsible for the corpse of Oliver and sign later that season as well. The group was hinted at a few times more during the season, stalking Neptune as he left Jacksonville. They appear at the seasons end, capturing the incapiciated survivors of the Season 3 final battle.

Season 4Edit

The Miami Cultists reveal themselves, claiming that their god, Yuri, had ascended and was watching over them. Their leader, Elias De Leone, explained that they needed a sacrifice, as a "thank you" to Yuri for allowing the Hotel and Orland groups "safe passage" to Miami.

After no one volunteers, Elias threatens the group, choosing Selena to be thrown in the Atlantic Ocean and drowned. However, Kevin Durant volunteers to take her place, surprising Elias. Three Chain also volunteers, though Elias blows his request off, claiming him to be "an insult to Yuri".

The Cultists then throw the bound Kevin Durant into the ocean, where he drowns and becomes a walker. Elias then makes the choice to split the group up, to discourage them from attempting an organized escape attempt.


Killed VictimsEdit


  • Four unnamed survivors.
  • Yuri