Orlando Group
OrlandoSurvivorsThe original 15 survivors.
Main Info
Type Survivors
Status Active
Leader(s) Maurice
Notable Members Marcus
Location Interstate 75
Appearances Season 1 to Present
The Orlando Group were a group of survivors who lived in Orlando prior to the outbreak. They were formed on the way to Jacksonville after multiple survivors joined together.


Although few of the members knew each other before the outbreak, they soon formed a strong bond with each other, protecting one another.


Season 1Edit

The group was formed after a bunch of survivors met at a roadblock on Interstate 75. Although most of the members got along, a few didn't, and it was this disliking of each other that got several of the group killed.

Season 2Edit

After losing seven members to zombie attacks, the Orlando group headed north on Interstate 75, trying to get to Jacksonville to figure out a way for a cure. They were later ambushed by another group, the Rogues, who stole the Orlando group's supplies.

After stealing the supplies, the group leader, Marc, decided to kill the Orlando group for the hell of it. However, he was thwarted when Nikki blew up Marc and his gang, keeping the Orlando group alive.

The group then encounters another group of survivors at a gas station known as Kaiser's Group. After the two form together to stand a better chance against the Rogues, they meet their enemy for a second time.

After Michael Phillips executes Emilio and Sweetpea, a gunfight between the Orlando and Kaiser group and the Rogues begins, resulting in the deaths of several Rogues. During the scuffle, Luke Willson is revealed as a traitor, and promptly killed by Marcus Guag.

After escaping the fray and meeting up a few miles outside of Jacksonville, the Orlando group gets in a skirmish with a walker horde. During the battle, Katrina Firestone is kidnapped by the Rogues, with Nikki following the captured girl. However, Nikki too is captured, where she is murdered by Michael to break Katrina psychologically.

Season 3Edit

After a failed rescue attempt by Kaiser and Floyd (who had come looking for Katrina) resulted in the two being killed by Michael, Katrina is rescued thanks to the efforts of Neptune, Trix, and Kevin Durant.


Killed VictimsEdit