Redneck Biker Gang
RedneckBikerGangThe biker gang.
Main Info
Type Bandits
Status Active
Leader(s) Dale
Notable Members Keith
Location Interstate 75
Appearances Season 3
The Redneck Biker Gang were a group of survivors who lived somewhere in Florida prior to the outbreak. They were formed by a biker gang before the apocalypse, where they became bandits.


The members of the group where all in a biker gang that travelled across Florida. They ganged up to become bandits during it.


Season 3Edit

At some point, the bikers set up roadspikes to knock survivors in cars off the road to easily rob them. They first appear after Neptune falls victim to the roadspikes, where Dale attempts to rob him with the group.  After Neptune retaliates and kills Dale, a shootout erupts between the group and Neptune.

Huck is killed in the firefight by a thrown hatchet, and soon Randy, Jim, and Billy are killed by an explosion caused by one of Neptune's molotov cocktails. Keith flees from the battle on his motorcylce, seemingly leaving Neptune as the lone survivor of the battle.

However, a final biker named Clint attacks Neptune with a knife. After a brief struggle nearly ending with Neptune's death, Clint is killed by his own knife when Neptune snatches it from the ground. After Clint's death and Keith's unknown status, the group was disbanded.


Killed VictimsEdit

  • Possibly numerous amounts of zombies and unnamed people.